FX Connectivity

Full FX Trade Lifecycle Solution



ViSTRA provides business functionality to cover the full FX trade lifecycle. It is a scalable solution to manage all your pre-trade, trade execution and post-trade FX workflows in a high availability, low latency environment.

  • Presentation of a generic adaptor to the price engine while handling complex downstream business functionality to support Single and Multibank Portal and trade execution venue workflows
  • Support for different execution styles, sophisticated order types, ladders and allocations
  • Off-the-shelf adaptors for all major execution venues available for rapid time-to-market including FXall, Currenex, FX Connect, 360T, RTFX and BLOOMBERG
  • Monitoring tools for price engine optimisation
  • Post-trade adaptors designed to meet both sell and buy-side requirements
  • Experienced software developers and onboarding specialists who can be mobilised to deploy to any environment from hosted, small scale single adaptors to large scale FIX API franchises; manage all technical and commercial aspects to tight deadlines.


The Technology behind it all

  • ViSTRA is written in Java, making it highly portable, extremely reliable and secure. ViSTRA is easy to maintain and deploy to a wide range of platforms
  • Where necessary, third party components may be utilised in the ViSTRA implementation. Because these modules are hidden behind the ViSTRA integration points, deployment and maintenance complexity is kept to a minimum.
  • The ViSTRA architecture has been designed to be modular which means that components can be swapped in or out with minimal disruption to the overall system functionality
  • Open API provides transparent access to VISTRA’s underlying business services
  • Clean common interfaces make it possible for integrators to write just one adaptive code
  • Standards-based integration embraces all key technologies

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