Channel Management

Key Features


The V-FX Trading Module enables bank/broker traders to easily benchmark the quality of pricing and liquidity from their trusted partners, and configure services to suit their own and their customer’s risk appetite within credit limits. This ensures a platform that is highly capital efficient for the regional bank/broker, but at the same time, extensible to different trading situations demanded by clients.

  • Liquidity relationship management tools to handle multiple streaming liquidity provider feeds
  • Tools to manage market risk and limit exposure
  • Ability to derive synthetic products
  • Configurable Business Rules to support Multi-tiering with the ability to skew and widen any tier
  • Filters to establish and maintain fair market pricing from liquidity providers

Sales Intervention

The V-FX Sales Dealer Module incorporates user and administrative tools that are designed to ensure that a sales desk can manage the distribution of its FX pricing to achieve the best/reward position across products and clients.

  • Configurable trade mark up at a customer specific level
  • Pricing, analytic and dealing tools to manage customer rolls and pre-deliveries
  • Real-time monitoring of customer activity with ability to intervene on any auto-priced quote
  • Customer specific permissioning and dealer intervention rules


The V-FX Customer trading environment is a state-of-the-art web-based platform that allows customers to trade in real-time. It includes a powerful, configurable search engine that allows users to have multiple views of their trades so they can optimize their P&L. Margin FX customers are provided with real-time views of their accounts and margin positions allowing them to better manage their leverage and market risk.

  • Web-based, no add-ins or java
  • Track positions and mark-to-market in real-time
  • Trade using streaming prices, RFQ, or by placing orders
  • Real-time Order “watcher” where clients can place orders for automatic execution when market conditions permit
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